"It's great to work with KMContentMarketing. We are always impressed with the quality of her work. She understands our brand and the needs of our customers and helps us get our message across. Can't say enough good things about her. You won't be disappointed!"

  -- National franchise client with over 200 locations. Review published on Elance.

"Kirsten has worked with ETS for 7 years, during which time she has delivered significant support and improved results for both our online and traditional marketing efforts.


For online marketing, she has shaped our Hubspot program, applying analytical skills to develop strategic content, analyze performance metrics, and write about complex financial, legal, and policy topics that have materially improved our marketing and sales leads (our Hubspot marketing grade has improved over 150%).


For traditional marketing, she has successfully developed and managed our national exhibition and speaking schedule. In short, Kirsten is a very intelligent and capable marketing partner with whom we enjoy working."

  -- Ross Henderson, co-owner and former COO of Emptech (f/k/a Employment Tax Specialists). Review published on LinkedIn.

"Great work. Did exactly what I needed her to do, quickly and professionally."

  -- Marketing industry client for technology startup project. Review published on Elance.

"Best content writer on Elance."

  -- Legal marketing agency. Review published on Elance.

"We love working with KMContentMarketing. Excellent writing skills, consistent follow through, solid advice and more. Highly recommend!"

  -- Food retail client. Review published on Elance.

"We hired Kirsten to help us initially with editing and posting our blogs in Hubspot (ongoing job) and were very impressed with her writing ability and her knowledge of inbound marketing fundamentals and Hubspot software capabilities.


We have hired her for 3 jobs now and have been continuously impressed. She quickly got up to speed on our buyer personas, vision, mission and company goals. She has made suggestions that are insightful and extremely helpful. She listens well to feedback and adapts content accordingly. We highly recommend Kirsten and are continuing to use her services."

  -- Food retail client. Review published on Elance.

"I have been working with Kirsten for well over a year now. We are a Hubspot Registered Partner and we needed someone who was certified with Hubspot and was Inbound Marketing trained. I did not know Kirsten, it was a blind leap of faith and I must say a leap of faith that has paid dividends.


Kirsten is the ultimate professional. She is extremely detail-oriented and client result driven. She always gives 110% for the customer. I have run a traditional ad agency for over 30 years, we have been providing clients inbound and SEO services for the past 6 years. I would have to say that Kirsten has been one of the best people to work with over my career.


I really believe that any client that hires Kirsten will be very happy with her capabilities and the results she can deliver.I would be happy to take your call and give you any other information you need."

  -- Keith Jasper, owner and Director of Inspiration, Bounce Ideas Inbound Marketing Agency