Performance Metrics for a Niche B2B Website

Here are some representative measures of exposure that I've helped obtain for a client's website (Finance & Human Resources / Corporate Services):


  • Inbound links: 371

  • Total blog views: 18,000+

  • Webinar registrants: 800+

  • Offer downloads & contact requests: 615

  • Inbound traffic from LinkedIn: 91/month (up from 0)

  • Monthly visitors: average 2,200 (up from 700)

  • 1-year increase in web traffic: 325%

  • 1-year increase in inbound leads: 450%

  • Total reach (email subs. & social media connections): 11,712


Overall Hubspot marketing grade for client site has gone from 27 to 82 in 18 months since moving to Hubspot platform. In comparison, our top 9 competitors average 48, with only one of them being close (at 78), and most of them being significantly larger companies with greater resources.


See additional performance metrics achieved for clients in this presentation (pdf).


*These numbers reflect a period of 24 months since migrating the entire site to HubSpot's platform. I had a hand in every page on the site and was the primary responsible party for all web content and management. That being said, I was not the only person with access to the site, and I did not have total control over all content on each page, as the content for core service pages was created in collaboration with company executives.