Me (& You) 

You want to make more meaningful connections with the greater online world "out there." You need to get the right type of visitors to your site (or your clients' sites), and you need some of those visitors to translate into leads, build relationships, and ultimately generate sales. Also, you want your website to make a great impression. That's where I come in.


With KM Strategic, you get:


  • Measurable results

  • Conscientious and professional service

  • Engaging and useful content that you won't see elsewhere

  • Content created to your specifications: persona, tone, purpose


I'm not a traditional marketer. I didn't study marketing in college, and I don't have an agency background. My education is in the social sciences and humanities, which is reflected in my strengths in research, writing and critical thinking. My professional experience includes higher education, nonprofits, law firms, HR, and financial services. I fell into marketing by chance and have found it the perfect intersection of my interests (which boil down to information and people). In marketing, there is always something new, and it's never boring.


I worked in various capacities for nearly a decade with a national B2B HR technology firm; ultimately becoming their Director of Research & Marketing. My approach to marketing reflects the duct-tape marketing style I adopted there out of necessity; I had to learn how to do it all myself with few resources. Although I am passionate about doing things "the right way," I also lean towards practical, "best bang for my buck" strategies versus the pursuit of marketing as a high art. I'm not in this to win marketing awards; I'm in this to help clients generate more business. I also am a huge marketing nerd and a workaholic.


In recent years, I've been creating engaging, results-driven website and blog content for a variety of law firms, growing businesses and marketing agencies. Learn more about my experience on LinkedInAs an avid Hubspot user, I believe in the production and promotion of quality, relevant content with the end user in mind.


The KM Strategic no-BS approach: In my working relationships, I strive to be objective, fair, transparent, and to over-deliver. I am committed to my clients' success and helping them grow their businesses. I love what I do, and I want you to love it too.